Land and House Packages

Land and House PackagesA land and house package features the construction of a new home designed for a specific site. It involves the purchase of both land and the new house. This type of arrangement allows property seekers greater flexibility to find a home that suits their lifestyle within an ideal location in Perth. Builders typically offer land and house packages where designs have already been approved by the local shire. In addition pre-approved land and house packages, builders in Perth may also customise a package for individual budgets and needs.

About Land and House Packages

Land and house packages offer homeowners a complete deal where land is purchased and a new home is designed specifically for a site. Typically, house designs consider the location and character of the land to the greatest harmony between lifestyle and environment. Designs are often already approved by local building and development authorities in Perth, particularly if they are part of a larger development project with multiple housing units. Some land and house packages may also include fully furnished properties.

Land and house packages differ between builders, so it is important to consider what is offered by individual builders before selecting a builder. Each land and house package will differ on design, price and other options. Many times land and house packagers are offered as part of new housing developments and there may be less flexibility than a stand-alone land and house package catered to an individual buyer. Certain developments may offer prospective homeowners a variety of pre-approved designs to choose from, while other builders may offer more limited choices. When house designs are established by the builder and pre-approved by local authorities, any changes to the design may affect local building and development approvals.

If purchasing a customised land and house package outside of a larger property development, a homeowner is typically dealing directly with a builder or property developer. The builder may provide prospective homeowners with designs to choose from or can work with individuals to design a new home that is tailored to their needs and lifestyle. In these cases, homeowners have greater flexibility in determining the design of their new house. Once contracts related to a land and house package are signed with builders, designs and plans are drafted by the builder. These must then be approved by local authorities before construction begins.

Land and House Contracts

A land and house package generally consists of two contracts. One contract relates to the land while the second contract is for the house itself. Before signing a contract, homeowners should seek out professional legal advice. They should also look at the terms and conditions carefully in order to fully understand their rights and responsibilities, especially with respect to cancelling the contract. Once a contract is signed, two deposits will be required for the land and the house. Deposits are usually not refundable.

In the case of a land and house package where local approvals have not been sought on the design of the house, homeowners will also need to sign builders' plans. These plans will be lodged with the local shire for approval before construction commences. A solicitor or conveyancer will also be required to settle the land purchase.

Benefits of Purchasing a Land and House Package

Land and house packages offer a range of benefits when compared to purchasing a home that has already been built. A land and house package provides greater flexibility in building a home that meets your lifestyle and individual needs. Similarly, when construction is complete a homeowner takes possession of a brand new home that has been built just for them. Homeowners do not have to worry about maintenance issues that often arise with older properties that could cost a significant amount of money in the longer-term.

These types of packages are also typically priced more competitively and provide new homeowners a more affordable way to enter the property market. Buying a land and house package in Perth and Western Australia also means that new homeowners only pay stamp duty on the land and not the house. However, costs can be reduced by locking in land and construction prices with a fixed price contract. From the time the contracts are signed until construction is completed, any increase to the value of the property will benefit the homeowner.