Choosing an Architect or a Project Design Manager

Choosing an Architect or a Project Design ManagerA new home is a major investment. Getting the design and build right can result in significant pride and satisfaction. At the same time, building a new home can be an intimidating and time consuming endeavor. Any number of things can go wrong, and mistakes can be costly in the long run and difficult to fix. Hiring an architect or project design manager can assist you in navigating the various challenges related to building a new home. These professionals work closely with you to ensure your home is functional and safe while reflecting your design preferences and objectives.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Design Team

Well-designed homes blend function with aesthetics, and they respect the environment around the building. Special skills are needed when designing and building a new home. An architect or a project design manager can assist property owners arrive at the right design for their needs and budgets. They also help homeowners navigate through every aspect of the build, including selecting materials, obtaining planning approvals from local authorities, and choosing structural elements that achieve design goals while ensuring a durable, legal and safe construction. An architect or a project design manager is also useful when changes are required to your project once construction has started to ensure any modifications to the home's design are safe and compliant. Hiring an architect or a project design manager to help design your new home will help save time and frustration to ensure your design is right from the moment you begin your project until you complete construction. They will also work closely with you to ensure your home is your own unique creation.

Choosing a Project Design Manager

A project design manager is involved in the design and delivery of a project. They perform duties similar to a project manager, including monitoring various aspects of the construction phase of the project and monitoring the budget. At the same time, a project design manager also works with creative staff and design teams before construction begins until the end of the project, including interior designers and architects. The manager will work with his or her team to produce drawings for a new home, which will be used by builders to complete the project. They ensure that your new home meets the requirements of the design brief, and that the project is completed within budget and on time.

Depending on the individual's experience and qualifications, a project manager can also help property owners navigate through other stages of the design and build of a new home. For example, a project design manager might provide advice to property owners on various requirements and obligations related to the building's design and construction. They can also provide oversight to ensure the home's design reflects applicable legislation, codes and standards to ensure that the construction is safe. This work is often done with a qualified architect.

Since there are no formal qualifications to become a project design manager, these individuals are typically not registered. Project design managers typically have a background in design. They should also have knowledge in building regulations and have proven project coordination skills demonstrated through past projects. A project design manager may hold a degree in construction management or architecture, or a vocational qualification in building studies, building engineering or building management. When selecting a project design manager, ask for a sample of past projects and contact information for previous clients. If you are looking for a highly experienced Project Design Manager contact Kris Aird at Designer Homes Perth for a no obligation, initial consultation about your proposed build.

Choosing an Architect

An architect looks at every design and construction requirement of your project, not just the layout and aesthetics of your new home. They apply their extensive training to think creatively when developing options and solutions for your new home. An architect ensures spaces work well, both inside and outside your home. They also look for ways for your new home to complement its surround environment, including incorporating design elements and materials that are energy efficient and environmentally sustainable. An architect can assist with establishing and monitoring the project's budget, obtaining quotes and administering contracts, and managing relationships with contractors including surveyors and engineers. An architect can also help with selecting a site and undertake feasibility studies, prepare sketches and detailed designs that will be used by builders, prepare documents for regulatory approvals, and inspect work during and after construction.

An architect has significantly more training than a project design manager. Fully qualified architects complete a minimum of five years' training at university in addition to mandatory practical experience for two years followed by a registration exam (Architectural Practice Examination). When selecting an architect, make sure that he or she is a member of the Australian Institute of Architects. The Australian Institute of Architects provides a useful tool to find qualified architects in Perth and throughout Australia. You should also ensure the architect is registered. The Architects Board of Western Australia also hosts an online registry of architects and architectural corporations in the state.