Building a New Home in Perth

When building a new home in Perth, you should be aware of the rules and regulations before starting. In most cases, building and planning approval is required to build a new home in Perth, and obtaining permits from the local authorities is imperative, even before starting any work on a project.

It is essential to obtain the legal side of the planning and construction before investing in any of the other steps, because at any time, for legitimate reasons, a building project could be denied permission. This means that any investments made up to this point would be lost and may need to reinvested somewhere else, at a significant loss.

Is the Project Affordable?

Most building approval and plans can only be authorised based on realistic numbers. The amount of money spent on your new home will depend on a number of factors, such as, current debts, income, the loan or pre-approval from the bank, and also current assets and capital. Based on this total value, a number will be calculated and that will be the maximum loan obtainable for a project. This amount can be secured from a bank through a loan.

Alternatively, contractors can be paid out of pocket, and in that case the amount to spend is extremely variable. Some home-builders also choose to combine the power of a loan with their own assets, as this will usually result in far lower mortgage payments in the long run.

Picking the Right Land for a Construction Project

There is a lot of land available in Western Australia and when building a new home in Perth a home-builder's preferences and needs are the most important step in the process to determine. Most people would like a bigger piece of land so they have a bigger territory, but at the same time they do not want to feel too isolated and still be part of a community. As such, land prices are usually more expensive for the smallest parcels in urban areas, while the cheapest tend to be medium-sized parcels in suburban or semi-rural areas.

Negotiate with local shire, home-planners and builders before securing the purchase of a land lot. Ask them about the location and the types of construction projects that are allowed and make sure all the information is researched up front so the project can be done on the right land and in the most ideal conditions.

Working with a Provider

If all of this seems daunting, then it should be comforting to know that most people prefer to consult with a professional home-building agent or other qualified person to get all of the information they need. These contractors will be able to interview a home builder and find out from an extensive discussion the best type of home and the best location to build it in. Being unsure about all of these details is not usually a problem, because then the best course of action will be to work with a third-party consultant. Even a home builder with a good idea of the scope and needs of a project built on the most suitable land lot, is advised to have a professional go over their plans. These third party contractors can help identify where problems might lie in the plans and this type of quick overview service is also much less costly than a full evaluation of the needs and wants of a home builder.

If you are at this stage and would like an experienced professional to review your new home plans contact Designer Homes Perth on 1300 558 818.

Having Engineers Check the Plans

Before applying for building approval, a qualified engineer will also need to check the plans and verify if they are safe for construction. This is a very important step, because it will determine many other aspects of the construction project. Before consulting an engineer with plans for a new home, it is also important to contact a surveyor or a land engineer to determine the size of the land and the best construction site available. In some cases, different types of soil and rock will determine the best geological and terrain location for the actual building site and any other landscaping features that need to be done during construction.

All of this data will need to be compiled into a report that must be presented to the board who issue building approvals. Keep in mind that the more professionals that check the permits, the more likely that a permit for construction will be granted by the shire. If your construction project is typical of the region and is a standard job, then the process will require less people. But home builders with more unconventional and unique ideas would be wise to consult with engineers, surveyors, insurance brokers, constructors, and the shire in advance.